Demo 2017

by Defenestration

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Defenestration are born of members from the likes of Black Jesus, Dead Root, Drain Life, Carcosa and Wrong amongst others. With this assortment of people you can be assured the sound is extreme and underground, old school death metal influenced heavily by early Autopsy and Death releases without becoming a clone.

The band contrasts well across all fronts, never sitting on any riff for too long but knowing when to let something settle in, the drums pushed heavily to the front of the mix pushing out explosive low end, backed with personal and socio political lyrics filtered through utterly disgusting yet crisp vocals from Ben and Crispin.

A must for the new age of Australian death metal.
Cassette out Feb 2018.


released January 10, 2018

Benjovi - Bass & Vocals
Crispin - Drums & Vocals
Anton - Guitars
Tim - Guitars

Recorded by Crispin Mylius, 2017.
Artwork by Nathan Forbes


all rights reserved




NGM RECORDS is a Brisbane based independent record label focused on the metal & punk.

We believe in the underground. Write us!

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Track Name: Economic Roadkill
Ground into dirt
A gift passed down
Through generations
Human waste from Europe
Sent to a "new world"
Your founding fathers
Believed you were scum
Wrote the laws
To hold you down

Accumulation of privileges
Rolling over poverty
Riding waves of self destructive behaviour
Waves of desperation in a global under class

Can't afford to wait for a good deal
Can't afford the fine or legal cost
Can't afford to study
Can't afford to hold out for another dollar a day
Track Name: Negative Dialectic
We devolve
We stare at ourselves
And see nothing
No meaning
No transcendence

Relative merit
Relative suffering

A meritocracy
To the privileged class
Becomes oligarchy
Become tyrant
Track Name: Mandatory Minimums
You exist but can't transcend
Like a cage outside time
Who misses you?
Who have you missed?

Everyone fucks up but you got caught
Third striek you're out
Taken out of life
Out of all you love
For stealing a fucking chocolate bar

You now exist in jail
Track Name: Groupthink
Milieu tells me who I am and what I want
Vacant eyes and polite lies get me everywhere
I'm not a threat the signs would say
But I have no conscience, no internal monologue

"The group is right
The stakes are low"
Thus spake the clone
A rapist and a leech
But his friends say it's cool
So he never questions it

Comfortable inside the box it's like the womb
Comfortable exploiting people it's like a game
I don't need to think for myself
There's ready made self image in what I consume
Track Name: Elections Become Auctions
News tells us exceptions
Millions of people without a fortune
But one stole a car
Billions of muslims
But one set off a bomb
No one cares for the bigger picture

We turn the cheek when they hit us
"that's just how life is"
Hit the students, hit your kids, hit your friends
But the rich are doing fine

They buy the ads
They buy the news
Just to feed you impressions
That you'll never think through
They have bought you
But you don't care enough to realise
Track Name: Grenfell Tower
No options
How many
Locked in

Government gave you a place to live
You should be thankful for the hand out I'm told
Thank the underfunding
That cremated you alive

Grenfell Tower
Grenfell Tower

Decades of lies to shirk your responsibility
All we see is money not peoples lives
How do we treat those in need?
How do corporate rich excuse their greed?

What social contract?
What social contract?